Tónskáldafélag Íslands / Society of Icelandic Composers


Björn Pálmi is an Icelandic composer, born in 1988. He studied piano at Tónskóli Sigursveins D. Kristinssonar from an early age and gave his graduation concert in 2009. Björn Pálmi graduated from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts with a BA in composition under the guidance of Hróðmar Ingi Sigurbjörnsson and Páll Ragnar Pálsson in 2014 and with a Master of Music in 2017 under the guidance of Páll Ragnar Pálsson.

As a pianist and a composer, Björn Pálmi, has developed a special interest in varied interpretation of the same composition. Hence, he writes in such a way
that certain parts of the piece are fixed but other parts give the performer some degree of freedom for interpretation of tempo and dynamics. Björn Pálmi is intrigued by partially masked sounds as a psychoacoustic effect that may enrich the listener depth of experience.

Björn Pálmi has written for Caput Ensemble, Ensemble Adapter, vocal works and several pieces for solo piano.

Björn Pálmi is currently writing an orchestral work for Sinfóníuhljmósveit áhugamanna.